Flood repair GA

Repairing Flood Damage to Restore Your Home

24/7 flood damage restoration in Alpharetta, Georgia and surrounding Metro Atlanta area

The southeastern states see lots of severe storms in the course of a given calendar year. All of a sudden a storm comes through, bringing heavy rain. Before you know it, your home is flooded and the damage is done.

Absolute Fire & Flood Restoration of Alpharetta, Georgia provides comprehensive water damage restoration services for homeowners throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Though it often occurs from storm flooding, water damage could also come from a burst pipe or any other type of plumbing issue. No matter the source, trust our specialists to handle the job right away.

Once you call Absolute Fire & Flood Restoration, you'll have a team of experienced technicians who will:

  • Come quickly to evaluate the extent of the damage to create an initial plan
  • Complete a full dry out of water still lingering in the space
  • Dry out the carpet, flooring, upholstery and other areas
  • Begin the process of performing any necessary reconstruction/additional restoration

Reaction time is critical when it comes to addressing water damage. Any lingering water can create more problems, including worsened structural damage and an increased likelihood for mold growth.

Absolute Fire & Flood Restoration has 24+ years of experience cleaning, drying and restoring homes back to normal. Let us work to restore yours. To get started with our professionals, contact us any time at 678-366-2008.